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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Wakasa Corporation/Wakasa Kensetsu Kogyo Kabushiki Gaisha ("Wakasa") recognizes the protection of personal information as an important public mission. Wakasa will observe the legal norms on the protection of personal information and promise to realize the basic policy below.

1. Acquisition of personal information

Wakasa may acquire personal information to the extent necessary to provide or improve its projects or services. When acquiring, Wakasa will state the purpose of use and whether or not it is provided to a third party in advance. Wakasa will use personal information properly within the scope of the purposes below.

  • To provide or improve the services it runs.
  • To answer the feedback or requests from customers.
  • To comply with the law and execute its business smoothly.

2. Use of personal information

When using, Wakasa will not use personal information in excess of the extent necessary for achieving the specific purposes. Wakasa will create internal rules not to use personal information other than the intended purposes and supervise employees observing the internal rules. Also, the purposes of using personal information are specified in 1. above.

3. Management of personal information

For the personal information to be provided to us with ease, Wakasa will take reasonable care and follow preventive and corrective measures for information to be leaked, lost or damaged. Also, Wakasa will handle the personal information appropriately and continue to review and improve our management system for protecting personal information.

4. Consignment of personal information

Wakasa will manage the acquired personal information properly and will not provide or disclose such information to companies other than the parties agreed by the person.
Should a need arises to provide or disclose the personal information to companies other than the parties agreed by the person, Wakasa will conduct a thorough investigation of the party and will oblige the responsibility in the contract to prevent the personal information to be leaked or to be resubmitted by the person.

5. The personal information of third-party

Our company, if rule of the personal information protection etc of law , except when law enforcement or court request disclosure beforehand we got your agreement personal information to not share third-party.

6. Law of compliance

Our situation are keeping your important personal information and related to the personal information protection handling , we compliance model of each competent authorities created including guidelines or point base on personal information protection law .

7. Personal information of disclosure

Our company, If there the person request disclosure there personal information, we will quickly disclosure them. Also if personal information content have miss takes and the person request correct• add• delete, after our investigation then we will quickly respond your request. Now if our company appropriate decision way to can't verify the person, we not respond disclosure.
About our company's handling personal information , above claims and questions please contact our inquiry form thank you.