Wakasa Construction Industry Co.,ltd


Company profile

Business name Wakasa Construction Industry Co., Ltd.
Head office location 2-13-24 Akagawa, Asahi-ku, Osaka, Osaka
Founding July 2005
Corporate registration May 2008
CEO Munetaka Wakasa
Number of employees 12 people
Capital 1,000,000 yen
Annual trade 1,082,000,000 yen
Business registration
  • Osaka Governor's Permit(General-30 130893)
  • Steel structure engineering business
  • Scaffolding, earthwork steel business
  • Machine installation business
Main bank
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Tenroku Branch
  • Osaka Shinkin Bank Tenroku Branch
  • Creation of construction plan by JW-cad.
  • Monthly check are conducted in-house to improve safety work and raise awareness.
  • Management work by qualified persons such as 1st class scaffolding builders and 2nd class construction management technicians, WES 2nd class and high strength bolt management engineers, etc.
  • Work to improve work efficiency and safety using bolt back.


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